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At Let’s Talk with Angelia and Nicole, we dedicate our time to dealing with the issues that affect all women, especially minorities. Thank you for joining us as we provide insight on a variety of topics including relationships, money management, being your own boss, getting fit,  health and wellness, and other issues affecting women. Tune in weekly as we feature dynamic women who can motivate and inspire us all. Since we can’t forget about the brothers, we will have the fellas drop in from time to time to give us their perspective and help keep it real. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (@LetsTalkAN) for all the happenings and hot spots.

Let’s Talk With Angelia & Nicole…

If there are two women who know the trials and tribulations women face on a daily basis, it is Angelia and Nicole. Their lives have been a witness to moments of individual struggle, anxiety, and despair. Despite this, they have come to realize that life is not simply the challenges that come with it, but the way in which one responds to adversity.

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