Angelia’s Angels Of Faith Mentoring Program

Transparent, authentic, and real are just a few of the characteristics that make Angelia Dunbar such a strong mentor. It is her mentoring that has led the establishment of meaningful relationships that have assisted numerous individuals to finding their confidence and pursuing their dreams. Life has not been easy for Angelia; she knows all too well what it is like to need a hand up and be turned down because others see what she is seeking as a handout. These persons who refused Angelia did not realize that she was truly seeking a hand up because her goal was to better herself so she could help others attain their goals, fully recognizing that all things are possible if one truly believes and puts forth the required effort.

Understanding The Importance Of Effort…

Angelia understands what it means to put forth relentless effort. Having overcame cancer, domestic abuse, and divorce, she exemplifies the title of ‘survivor’. As a single parent and successful entrepreneurial, Angelia has a strong voice that resonates powerfully with others.

In brief, Angelia’s life goal is simple: she wants to give back and will do so by mentoring other individuals. Whether you are seeking a mentor to help you establish an entrepreneurship, walk through a health condition, fight cancer, move past domestic abuse, realize there is life after divorce, or that single parenting can be successful, Angelia Dunbar is the person for you! In the words of Angelia, we must all choose to live!

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