2017 Recipient Woman That Soar

“I do good for myself in business,  but it’s not about me because I’m only affecting my inner circle. I wanted to reach out and help other people who need help because they’re reaching people globally”

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Public Speaker & Acclaimed Author

Slaying With My Broken Pieces  which is a story of her life covering breast cancer and how she overcame it. The book covers divorce, single parenting, domestic violence and how she was assaulted and also kidnapped. She survived. Part of her journey this year is her mission “My story; our journey” where she shows people that they can overcome obstacles and hardships; all it takes is changing your mindset and believing from within.

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Home Builder

Dunbar’s short-term goals are to build 50 houses this year in order to be able to provide homes for the domestic abused and veterans. She’s on track to achieving that goal.

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Angelia’s friends and colleagues describe her as a woman of strength, compassion, integrity, and excellence. If you met her in person, you’d agree she is just that and a whole lot more.”

Radio/TV Host…

At Let’s Talk with Angelia and Nicole, we dedicate our time to dealing with the issues that affect all women, especially minorities. Thank you for joining us as we provide insight on a variety of topics including relationships, money management, being your own boss, getting fit,  health and wellness, and other issues affecting women. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (@LetsTalkAN) for all the happenings and hot spots..

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Cancer/Domestic Abuse Survivor…

Running into Isaac after all those years reminded me of how much I’ve been through with him. Even though I’d forgiven him, I realized that sharing my journey could help someone else. At that moment, I finally had the courage to free myself. He had taken our order and by his very presence, I remained a bit tense and uncomfortable.

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Real Estate Mogul…

Angelia Dunbar was born and raised in Arkansas. After watching the TV show Dallas and hearing that everything is Bigger in Texas, she knew she needed to get there to do it big as well a Realtor.

Angelia Dunbar Realty is committed to delivering a high level of expertise, customer service, and attention to detail to the marketing and sales of luxury real estate, and rental properties.

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